Eddie O'Grady.

I've talked about Eddie before but wanted to include this picture as it's the best photo I've got of him. It was sent to me by his nephew, 'Terry'. If you want to see a bit more of him visit the 'Old Site' by scrolling down the 'Links' page on the left and selecting 'Old site'.

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Jan Toomey

Jan was the foreman on the quay for a good number of years. I worked with him for a total of 7 years and found him to be a mild natured fella, honest and fair. Apparently, from what I've been told, he was a bit of a 'hard case' when he was younger and I know he served in the Royal Navy during the War. He retired from the quay when he reached his 65th birthday and the day before he finished work for the last time, he performed his favourite party trick for us. I'd seen him do it several times over the years but to witness it the day before his 65th birthday was something special. Down in the 'hold' of the 'Scillonian', he would grab a hold of an upright stanchion and wrap his left arm around it. He would reach up with his right hand and grab the stanchion a little higher up, then using his strength, would lift his feet off the deck and hold his body outstretched horizontally, at a 'right-angle' to the deck. No mean feat even for a youngster.

Taken on Porthcressa bank at the end of the day's fishing.
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When he retired he spent most of the summer months out in his boat working a few pots. At the beginning and end of each season, he would walk down to the quay and ask us to give him a hand to either launch or pull his boat up, so as soon as we'd finished work, we would all muster at Porthcressa  to help. Unfortunately, during his last few years, shortly before passing away himself, he suffered a great loss when his wife, 'Bertha' died. Jan & Bertha had 3 children, 'Boy' Jan, or 'Johnny' as he was known, who emigrated to Australia in the 70's, Mary, who I think is the oldest, and Monica. It could be said that they had a 4th child because when Kit Guy lost his parents, he went to live with Jan and his family and was brought up as one of their own. 

Jan's retirement party in the 'Sunset' restaurant 1982.

L to R = Bob Harding-Rodney Terry-Glynne Lucas-Willie Hall -Ivor Mathews-Ron Simmons-Jan Toomey-Brian Sherris-John Dalton-Tommy Evans-Stuart Thomas-Bill Mathews-Harry Lethbridge-Bill Pender-Johnny Poynter. 

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