Taken on 22nd October from Old Town dump

Porth Minack  Gales 010.jpg (115157 bytes)  Gales 011.jpg (113592 bytes)  Gales 012.jpg (116603 bytes)  Gales 013.jpg (113589 bytes)  Gales 014.jpg (117004 bytes) Gales 015.jpg (116735 bytes)  Gales 029.jpg (113691 bytes)  Gales 030.jpg (118982 bytes)

below =Taken on 27th October 

Pulpit Rock, Penninnis 27th October 2004  Penninnis Head getting a bashing  Penninnis  Airport  Gales 044.jpg (117314 bytes)  Gales 046.jpg (113877 bytes) Gales 054.jpg (113676 bytes)  A view of Old Town Bay from the Airport  Sea front at Old Town Bay. If you tried telling people in the height of the summer about what it's like here today, they wouldn't believe you.  Gales 082.jpg (116700 bytes)  Gales 083.jpg (117333 bytes)  Gales 079.jpg (114502 bytes) Old Town Churchyard getting a wash  Old Town Church  Tony & Barbara Shave trapped in the bedroom?????  Derek Shave walking along 'Main Street' Old Town.

These were very kindly sent in by Roger Banfield

  The road at Old Town  The Road at Old Town  Old Town   Old Town   Old Town   Porth Cressa   Porth Minack


The aftermath (9am 28th Oct.)

Old Town Road, the morning after  Old Town road, the morning after.  The 'Berlin Wall' designed to keep the inmates of Old Town in.  Trench Lane  Benham's Battery