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I dont know if anyone would be interested but this is a picture of Eliza Trenear (seated)of Maypole with her granddaughter, my mother, Eileen Putt on her lap as a newborn in 1907.  Behind her is Alfred John (Uncle) Hicks the patriarch of the Hicks clan on St. Mary's (Maypole) and father of Leonard, 'Gee', Lloyd, Billy, Joe, Ena Reseigh and Rene Badcock. On his left is my grandmother Emma Putt and 'Uncle's twin. The other three women are their siblings :- Lydia Ellis of St. Martins, Janet Legg of St. Mary's and Jessie Pender of Bryher. This is ancient history but maybe someone remembers these names. I sent this picture to John Hicks before he moved off island but it got lost. I really enjoy your website. Keep up the good work.  Unfortuntely I havent been back to Scilly in 35 years since moving to Canada.

                                                                                    Best regards Jon Cope

note: Alfred John Hicks would be John Hick's grandfather....I don't know about anyone else but I can see an uncanny likeness. GRL

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