Kindly donated by Ian Wrigley.
Approx: 1958

Back row L to R = Stuart Thomas - Graham Mumford - Kevin Daly - Gwynn Green - Michael Hall - Ian Wrigley - Brain Ault - Kingsley Ash.
Middle row = Tommy Harvey - Barry Wright - Tim Richards - Andrew McDougal.
Fron row = Sheena Banfield - Linda Jenkins - Wendy Strick - Tina Parr - Joan Evans - Anne Nightingale - Margarette Watts.

Below: Taken about three years earlier.

A very young Derek Woodcock 2nd from left, Tim Richards on the back row, extreme right, with Barry Wright next to him. Graham Mumford about half way along on the front row with Ian Wrigley almost behind him. All the rest have now left the Islands. Photo probably taken about 1954/55

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