These pictures were kindly handed to me by Ian Wrigley and show mainly Old Town in the 50's.


Okld Town Garden.jpg (179153 bytes)
This was my Gran's garden at 'The Nook, Old Town. (Now Hanover Court)
OldTownGarden2.jpg (206936 bytes)
My Great Gran, Janie Slaughter to the left, my ubcle from Oz, myself aged about 10/11yrs and my cousin, also from Oz.
Greenhouse1.jpg (162300 bytes)
Cyril Ashford's glasshouse with L to R = Mrs Cyril Ashford, Armorel Pender, Marjorie and Cyril Ashford.
Amorel.jpg (149575 bytes)
Marjorie (nee Wrigley) Ashford
IanWrigleypunt.jpg (164969 bytes)
Ian Wrigley aged about 10 with visitor
Kidsboat.jpg (156236 bytes)
Ruby Ellis - Mark Groves - Tim Groves - Veronica Wrigley - David Ashford
Ian001.jpg (181974 bytes)
Cyril Ellis -Gordie Pender - Gordon Pender - Tom Ellis
oldtownbay50's.jpg (207510 bytes)
Old Town Bay mid 50's.
SeaWeed.jpg (221736 bytes)
Gathering seaweed the old fashioned way from Little Porth. Joe Mitchell to the left.
Rotterdam.jpg (110737 bytes)
SS Rotterdam. A familiar sight passing close to the Island. Sometimes from Telegraph it was possible to see the tops of the ships passing close to the Airport.