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Clifford Jenkins on the left, me in the middle and Clemmy Trenear to the right. Uncle Clifford used to run the 'Vanguard' for the Steamship Co. and Clemmy was his crewman for several years. This picture was taken approx. 1952/53. Clemmy was quite a boxer in his day and apparently used to earn money by taking on resident boxers in the fairgrounds.

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Roy Jenkins (Uncle) to the left and 'Gramfer' John Clare Jenkins to the right with the white top. They were drowned together near the 'Crim' on the 18th August 1952 whilst hauling pots in Roy's boat, 'Verona'.

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Me steering the 'Zedora' (John Clare's boat) with John Clare keeping his eye on things.

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My 'Great Grandmother' on the Jenkins side of the family, ' Eva Beatrice' (nee. Nance) on the left with 4 of her children...(Yes, I know it's hard to believe but the youngest is her daughter.) Eva died in 1935 aged only 57 years. She had 8 children, 'Beatrice', 'Agnes', 'Clifford', 'William', 'John Clare', 'Winifred', 'Donald', & 'Brenda'. John Clare is the one standing, the youngest boy is Don (see below) and the other two are referred to on the back of the photo as, 'Mother' & 'Brenda'  but I don't know yet which is which. It would help if I knew who signed the photo.

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Don 1939

On the left is 'Don', (photo taken in 1939) He was the younger brother of William, John Clare & Clifford and went off to America just after the war where he married 'Yvonne' (Right).  Don was the chief signalman at the 'White House' for several years. Below: as he was in 1973.

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Yvonne 1981

How the Nance's became embroiled with the Jenkins's.

John & Sarah Nance (St Martins) 
Timothy Nance  M 1823 Honor Chown (St Marys)                                ? Pender (Bryher)
                       |                                                                                          |
James Nance  M  1845  Jane Sherris  (St Marys)                                  Francis Pender (St Marys)
                       |                                                                                           |
                           William Nance (St Marys)          M  1870          Amanda Ann Pender (St Marys)
Amanda Pender Nance 1871 ---------- William Nance ----------- Eva Beatrice Nance
              |                                                                            |
M 1895 to Albert Jenkins                                                       M 1877 to Samuel Jenkins.


Melba (Nee Jenkins) Lucas


Born to Belle (nee Maddern) & John Clare Jenkins.

Melba Lucas