These were taken at the 'Old Town Inn' on Friday 11th June 2004.

Not an organized reunion this year but a few of the girls from the Penzance area came over the intention of staying the best part of a week. This was the first night out and there were several poorly heads the next day.

Reunion04 012.jpg (75160 bytes) Bob & creature from the black lagoon Reunion04 014.jpg (69996 bytes) Reunion04 015.jpg (63678 bytes) Reunion04 016.jpg (64140 bytes)
Reunion04 001.jpg (63239 bytes) Reunion04 009.jpg (82766 bytes) Reunion04 008.jpg (67484 bytes) Reunion04 002.jpg (64716 bytes) Maggie & Ian
Marcia still as gorgeous as she was in school. Bob Reilly Roy Asten Marcia, Sandra & Jean Colin
Ian Wrigley and the man from del monte See, girls tell naughty stories too. Bar-be-cue on Porthmellon beach. Porthmellon b-b-q.