Kindly sent in by Phill Deason.

Phill Deason and the skiffle group 1957.

Hi! Glynne this is going back a bit 1957 Basil Guy's loft, practice night for Scilly Skiffle probably the first Scillonian group, never made the Town Hall, did a few beach B-Qs and some great Saturday night's at the Bar-E (Bar-Escapade.) a lot of people wont even know where that was, anyway thought it might be of some interest to you!

L to R Your's truly, Phill on guitar, John Rigard on washboard, (John Rigard is Chris the sax Rigard's father.) chap on tea chest is Pete ?. sorry after nearly 50 years forgot his surname he was only here for the summer they were great time's and we had some great nights.

                                    Cheers, Phill