BarbarasGuy.jpg (50728 bytes)

Barbara Guy as May Queen (Date not known)

FredThomas.jpg (62024 bytes)

   Fred Thomas.

JackFred.jpg (73668 bytes) Jack Pender on mandolin, with Fred on the accordion in the Mermaid. Fred was probably the best accordion player I've ever heard. 

Probably 1950's/60's

HildaThomas.jpg (89477 bytes)

    Hilda Thomas

HildaFred.jpg (78477 bytes) Hilda & Fred in Mermaid with Bill Perrin on guitar EddieFred.jpg (146051 bytes) Eddie O'Grady, Helen, Fred Thomas &
BoysGroup.jpg (60255 bytes) Ken Simpson, Tom Perry, Ricky Bodilly, John Morley.

front = John Banfield, Danny Green.