A collection of photos pinched from other sites.

Spanish Trawler.jpg (199099 bytes)  Spanish Trawler alongside the Quay. I remember going aboard these boats and drinking wine from a bag and eating fresh bread straight from the oven. The Spanish fishermen looked after us youngsters and I've had fondness for them ever since.  SpanishTrawler2.jpg (76840 bytes) Click on the picture to find out the names.


skifflegroup.jpg (317549 bytes)

L to R = Dave Earl - Tim Ritter - Julien Wilkinson - Nick Hunt - Chris Garrett - 
Front = David Hunt.

Johnthewash.jpg (209511 bytes)
John the 'Wash'. Me in overalls behind him, talking up to members of the folk group 'Decameron' who'd just finished a 'tour' of St Mary's.

John_with_friends.jpg (65181 bytes)
John Williams - John Banfield - Alan Hicks

CarolinePearceHenryBirch.jpg (59892 bytes)
Caroline Pearce.