Camel Rock 2004

This years 'Camel Rock' was a great success with around 20 groups from all over, taking part. The gospel singers, (pictured below) came all the way down from London and captured everyone's hearts with some moving vocals. Paul Lewis deserves a special mention for the fabulous job he did of organizing the event and getting the groups together. It wasn't just a case of getting the musicians to agree to come over, their accommodation and transport to & from the Islands had to be arranged, the timing and organization of their performances, aswell as the background logistics, beer & food supplies, the staffing, setting up the sound stage and various other platforms and most importantly, the toilets. It was guessed at one time on Saturday afternoon that there were about 2000 people present and the toilets were in constant use. He deserves all the praise he gets for his tireless efforts. Another mention should go to the people who staffed the event. The 'Yellow shirts', as they became known over the weekend, worked from 10:30am on Saturday until 12:30am on Sunday, then from 10:30am Sunday to 1:00am on Monday. The burgers, tea, coffee and beer never stopped flowing over the whole weekend. No-one went short of anything and it was due to the organization and hard work of the people who helped make it a most memorable event. I cannot praise them enough.

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Looking along the beach from the 'Salla-kee' end.

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That castle seems to get everywhere.

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Mrs. Angela Jenkins. It was she and her husband 'Noel' who's land was accessed for the event. Without their help the festival just wouldn't have been possible.

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Keith & Sarah Hale with daughter, 'Jane' and her children. Keith is a gentleman farmer who runs the adjacent farm and had come to complain about the noise.

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Mr. & Mrs. 'Luke Over' visitors to Scilly since the 60's.

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Celia Hiron, still looking ravishing after 15 hours of slaving over a hot stove and only 5 hours sleep.

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Celia with Jane & Richard Chiverton.

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'Paramedic' Tony Smith (on right) with the Tresco paras who volunteered to come down on 'standby'. 

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Sabrina, the proprietor of 'Sage House'

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Karensa Ware & Sheila Lewis  

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I don't know who she is but I got a nice smile.

Paul Lewis, Camel Rock organiser.
Paul Lewis, the organizer of 'Camel Rock.

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Mark Mavers & girlfriend.

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The London based gospel Choir.

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In action'. They caused a sensation wherever they went.

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I don't know who this girl is but she was gorgeous and had the unenviable job of following the gospel choir. She did so very well.

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A nice clean van dashboard. We couldn't believe it was possible to get so much junk on one dashboard.


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George Mudge & Ian Wrigley. Ian had been out that morning and caught a lobster, a crab & and numerous shrimps. George collected blackberries and I supplied the seating. We had a lobster/crab/shrimp & blackberry salad washed down with a can of lager. A lovely ending to a lovely afternoon. About thirty minutes after this photo was taken, the sun went down, the wind got up and we had to put on three layers of clothing for the evening's entertainment.