HMS Diana reunion 2007

This year, instead of Blackpool, the reunion was held in the Britannia hotel, just off the M6 near Wigan. I visited Land's End the day before driving up as I intended to visit John O' Groats whilst on the Mainland. I could then say that I'd done 'End to End' and back.

The drive up was great, with no traffic to worry about and no major hold-ups. I checked into the hotel around 3.30pm on the Friday and spent the first few minutes greeting old mates and their wives? Lovely hotel and easy to find. On the Saturday, a coach was hired to take the girls into 'Southport', a surprisingly attractive town, for the usual shopping, while the boys stayed in and swapped salty seadog stories. In the evening  we had the annual gala dinner dance which went on into the early hours. On Sunday a few made their way home but most of us stayed to wind down.

March071.jpg (74049 bytes)
Mr & Mrs 'Slinger' Woods
March2007 011.jpg (57350 bytes)
The girls at my table

March2007 019.jpg (73745 bytes)
Mr & Mrs Barry Stone with Bob Bolter standing

March073.jpg (174011 bytes)
The Chairman of the Association, Mr James Hewitt and his good lady.
March2007 006.jpg (158178 bytes)
The boys on my table.
March072.jpg (185011 bytes)
Last photo call before leaving.
March2007 022.jpg (178542 bytes)
On the Monday, I drove up to John O' Groats, arriving around 7:30pm. It was dark so I checked into the 'Seaview' hotel and waited for dawn before getting my camera out.
March2007 024.jpg (74908 bytes)
In front of the J O' G hotel which is now closed up. I've been going to Scotland now for around 11 years and I can't ever remember it being open.
March2007 027.jpg (91682 bytes)
On the way back South I called into the Cairngorm National Park, just outside Aviemore. This was the view from just below the ski area.
March075.jpg (88589 bytes)
2 days later and I was back at Land's End. I asked a young couple to take my picture under the sign and they told me they'd just come down from J O' G themselves. They were most impressed when I told them I'd done it both ways.

The Choir giving their annual rendition of 'The Oggy song'