Family Album

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My Great, Great Grandfather, Dick Phillips, (Reggie's grandfather) with 'Aunt' Annie, his second wife.
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Aunt Annie in her garden. This was at the back of the house in Old Town which is now owned by Don Williams.
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'Gramfer' Bill Hayward in his younger day. Photo probably taken around 1948.
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This is one of our family picnics.
2 men at the back are Wilfred Phillips & ?.
Middle row: George ?, Charles Payne, Janie Slaughter, Belle Hayward, Aunt Annie Phillips, Marmora Payne, 
front row women: June Lucas, (my dad's niece). Alice Phillips, (Reggie's Mum) Melba Lucas.
front row kids: Paul Plowright, Glynne Lucas (with hat), David Payne.

Janie Slaughter with guest, outside 'Shalom' which is now 'Wingletang'. I was actually born in this house.

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The Lucas family on Mawer's farm at Portlow in 1959.

Tony, Glynne, Melba & Yvette.

The dining room in 'Shalom'.

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John Clare Jenkins outside the Atlantic. (On the slipway).
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Sam & Janie Slaughter on the steps at the rear of 'Bank House'.
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Me on my tractor aged 6 in 1953 outside the back gate of our house in 'Stratford Rd' Plaistow, London. I still can't play the guitar.