The Final Selection
This photo appeared in the 'Cornishman' and was taken in 'Troy Town' farm packing shed, St Agnes. August 1967. We played at the birthday party of Linda Evans, thus establishing a still unbeaten record of playing live amplified music in the most southwesterly position of the British Isles.
"Many years ago during my travels, I met a young couple who claimed that they had played on the Island of 'Unst', in the Shetland islands, the most north easterly part of the British isles"  ( extract from the Glynne Lucas book of utterly useless information)

L to R:  Roy Duncan - Dave Parr - Glynne Lucas - Nicky Watts.

Below: Dave, Glynne & Nicky 35 years on.

    Final Selection reunion bash at the Mermaid Final Selection Reunion bash in the Mermaid  Me, Dave & Nick at Airport Me, Dave & Nick at the Airport Nick with his band Nick with his band on the Mainland.