HMS Diana Reunion.
Blackpool 2006

HMS Diana 
A 'Daring' class destroyer commissioned in 1953 and sold to Peru in 1969.

Each year a number of the ex-members of HMS Diana's crew hold a reunion at the 'Norbreck Castle' hotel in Blackpool. It's a nice way to meet up with old shipmates and have a drink or two with friends, old and new.   We make our way from all over the Country and usually spend Friday greeting everyone. A few drinks in the bar, reliving those far off days of mountainous seas, (which get bigger every year) and dimly lit bars in exotic destinations. Tall tales mingle with genuine memories and although the bodies have aged, the laughter is the same today as it was 40 or 50 years ago. Saturday is a free day but during the evening we have our 'gala' dinner/dance, This usually goes on until the early hours of Sunday, which is the day for relaxing and preparing for our return journeys home. This year we awoke to a covering of snow which encouraged most people to stay in the hotel. 

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Members of the 1st Commission 1953/55
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HMS Mermaid associate members with 2 of the 1st commission crew.
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6th commission 1963/65
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The annual rendition of the 'Oggie Song' anthem of the Royal Navy 
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A trio of wives on the dance floor.
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Bob & Sheila
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6th Commission with wives. I didn't take part.
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Love is a wonderful thing
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Bob & Taff
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A quiet drink on Friday night.
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I think I'm right in saying that this is the highest, longest ride in the UK.
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A small part of Blackpool's Golden mile.
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On Sunday morning we woke up to a carpet of snow
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View from my bedroom window
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Some poor soul setting off for Cumbria.


Group photo taken approx 2002/03

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