HMS Ganges reunion 2005
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The mast at HMS Ganges. (Which we all had to climb)

A cold, wet Remembrance Day service held at the base which was opened up especially for us for the first time since it was closed in1977.

We must have been bloody mad. Although when I first stood on this spot 42 years earlier, there was 8" of snow on the ground.

Spot yours truly.

Lester (Bill) Baily, a mate of mine from way back, met up for the first time in 42 years.

Brian (Jimmy) Jewell, another of my mess-mates 42 years earlier.

Paul (Jimmy) Green. another of my mess-mates 42 years earlier.
Me and Derek ('Dips') Rimmer as we were in 1963/64  

Bill and I stood by the Whalebone pub, Fingerinhoe, Essex. where we both had our 'first' pint in 64.

Jimmy Green, Bill Baily and Leonardo D'Caprio. (They made me stand on the lower part of the slope.)

Bill and Me stood by what we calculated to be our campsite back in 64. This is on the Fingerinhoe Nature Reserve in Essex.