This year I decided to go out to California to visit with a couple of very dear friends. I landed in LA and hired a car, this year it was a 4x4 because I wanted to explore the more inaccessible parts of the Joshua Tree National Park. I spent a couple of nights in the LAX Plaza, Culver City, just a few minutes drive from the Car Rental facility, in order to acclimatize and get used to being on the wrong side of the road, then over to Palm Springs for 3 nights, 4 nights in Vegas, Up the Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains to Lone Pine, (Where most of the old westerns were filmed, Lake Mono, over the Tioga Pass to Yosemite, Santa Cruz, Monterey and then up to the Napa Valley to stay with Lowell & Janet Herrero, two very dear friends whom I met back in the 80's when I was driving tours on the Mainland. 

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holiday2006venicebeach2.jpg (101374 bytes)
Venice Beach, LA

holiday2006calientepool.jpg (216544 bytes)
My hotel in Palm Springs, breakfast by the pool.

Holiday2006joshuatree4.jpg (124718 bytes)
Venturing off road in the 'Joshua Tree Nat. Park'. This easy section gave no clue as to what lay ahead.

holiday2006fish3.jpg (364866 bytes)
Fish at Lake Mead.

holiday2006mountcharleston.jpg (236668 bytes)
My breakfast table on Mt. Charleston, about an hour North of Las Vegas.

holiday2006mountcharleston3.jpg (534214 bytes)
Another view on Mt. Charleston

holiday2006mountcharleston4.jpg (236169 bytes)
Yet another,

holiday2006belgios2.jpg (183735 bytes)
The water fountains at Bellagio's, Las Vegas.

holiday2006vegas4.jpg (317750 bytes)
Las Vegas Boulevard. 

holiday2006caeserspalace.jpg (190288 bytes)
Caesar's Palace

holiday2006valleyoffire.jpg (414218 bytes)
The 'Valley of Fire' in the Mojave National Preserve, Las Vegas.
Holiday2006Villagemainblock.jpg (261969 bytes)
My friends, Lowell & Janet's house in the Napa Valley.
Holiday2006Villagefrontroom.jpg (137476 bytes)
Their front room.
Holiday2006table.jpg (275665 bytes)
The dinner table laid up for 'Thanksgiving'
Hliday2006mychalet.jpg (264616 bytes)
My Chalet for a week
Holiday2006sanoma.jpg (390689 bytes)
Sonoma County
Holida2006winerycellar.jpg (159169 bytes)
Sonoma County Winery Cellar
Birdsschoollowell.jpg (312031 bytes)
The building they used as the school in the film, 'The Birds'. My mate Lowell on the steps.
holiday2006sierras2.jpg (324421 bytes)
The Sierra Nevada mountains.
Holiday2006Caddi2.jpg (176886 bytes)
The car I hired for the trip....and boy what a car!
Holday2006sanfrancisco7.jpg (479107 bytes)
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.
Alcatraz.jpg (140566 bytes)
Alcatraz. The building at the top of the hill was the Governor's house but was burned down when the Island was occupied by Indians who wanted to reclaim the Island as their own.
Alcatrazbroadway.jpg (206295 bytes)
The 3 storey main cell block, known by the inmates as 'Broadway'.
Holday2006sanfrancisco9.jpg (194262 bytes)
A shot of the Golden Gate bridge from Lincoln Park, San Francisco.
Holiday2006goldengate.jpg (185435 bytes)
This is where Jimmy Stewart rescued Kim Novak in the film, 'Vertigo'.

JLo.jpg (138366 bytes)
Jennifer Lopez heard I was in town and showed up for a photo.

holiday2006eiffeltower.jpg (181625 bytes)
The Eiffel Tower, Las Vegas.

Holiday2006sanfrantree.jpg (209560 bytes)
Christmas Tree at Pier  39, Fisherman's Wharf. San Francisco

holiday2006hooverdam.jpg (183275 bytes)
The Hoover Dam

Holiday2006Yosemite8.jpg (475862 bytes)
Yosemite National Park.

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