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One of the many pleasures we've had as a lodge, was to attend the presentation of Bro. George Ware's 50th year investiture. George was one of the brothers who came over to Scilly in 1973 to open our lodge. He's been a great friend ever since. The commemoration plaque was presented to him for 50 years of compliant membership. He has held many offices including that of Provincial Grand Primo. The Grand Primo himself carried out the ceremony and the Lyonesse lodge, who come under Grand Lodge direct and not P.G.L. were lucky enough to get a photo shot with him. This is the first time since our lodge was founded 35 years ago that we have met the Grand Primo, so for us it was a special occasion on two counts.

LyonessewithGPa.jpg (225072 bytes)

   L to R : Bros: Glynne Lucas WP -  Harry Cheetham - The Grand Primo - Jim Johnson - Michael Balkwill   -     Brian Thomas - Tony Shave.

   Seated: Bro: George Ware.


One of the many things the lodge has raised money for in order to make life easier or safer for the local community, was to buy a scanner radio so the people left behind could listen to what was going on while the lifeboat was at sea.

Back row L to R = Phill Deason- Alfie Jenkins- Tim Richards- Roy Guy- Harry Lethbridge- Matt Lethbridge jnr- Tom Buckley - Rodney Terry- Bill Burrows- Doc Davies - Ray Steer-Kemp (Police) - Brian Jenkins- Brian Thomas- ? - Rodney Nightingale.
Front Row: Peter Woodcock - Derek Woodcock - Roy Duncan - Tregarthen Mumford - Richard Lethbridge  - Allan Ball - Tommy Cock

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Mainland trip 2004

We timed our trip this year to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the St Eia lodge in St Ives. It was great to see old mates again including those from the 'First & Last' and 'Penlee' lodges. The anniversary dinner was held at the 'Howard's hotel' Carbis Bay and that's where we stayed for the weekend. The guest of honour at the gala dinner was 'Bill Hartman, the immediate past 'Grand Secretary' who came all the way down from Grand Lodge in Harrogate, Yorkshire.

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'Bill' Hartman, Past Grand Secretary & Martin Curtis, secretary of the St Eia lodge.
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Horace Dunstan, Brian Thomas, Jim Johnson, Harry Cheetham, Roy Asten, Tony Shave and Leonardo de Caprio
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Brian, Leonardo & Harry
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Harry & Horace in pensive mood.
During our tour to Cornwall in March 2003, Alan started to show the first outward signs that all was not well. Putting on a typical brave exterior, he fulfilled his buffalo duties in the various bars in Penzance and in the lodges we visited in the West Cornwall province. On our return to Scilly however it became obvious that he was in great pain. It went on through the summer, until around July/August he had to go over to Treliske hospital for Chemotherapy. He made several trips over the next few months with his wife 'Sandi' and at one time he made such a recovery, we thought he'd beaten it off. Unfortunately, in early March, he suffered a great downturn in health and was taken over to St Julia's hospice in Hayle for specialist treatment. His last fight was getting himself fit enough to be sent back to our local hospital, which he achieved on Wednesday last week. Sadly, it seems as soon as he got home to the bosom of his loved ones, he gave up the fight and passed away at 09:15 on Friday 26th March 2004.
He will be greatly missed in the Lyonesse Lodge as he has been one of the staunchest supporters of the 'Order' over the past 31 years. Alan & I, along with 8 others, were initiated on November 2nd 1973 and in all that time, unlike myself, he had remained in full voting compliance. A great service record by any standard.
Alan was also a great pistol & rifle shot and made a couple of trips to the USA to take part in international competition. He will also be remembered for his prowess at the end of an oar, for he spent many years racing in the 'gigs'. I also knew him to be a great footballer & cricketer and the more I think of it, he seemed to excel in just about everything he turned his hand to. He also had the ability to make friends wherever he went and during our trip to Cornwall this year, that became apparent when the members of the lodges we frequented together, paid their last respects in his absence.

On behalf of the brothers of the Lyonesse lodge, I would like to thank the brothers of the 'First & Last', the 'Penlee' and the  'St Eia' lodges for their invaluable help and support over the past few months, for without it the hardships would have been unbearable


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Alan Ball R.I.P.


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Myself, our mate Gordon Nicholson of the St Eia lodge & Alan at Gordon's 'raising' in 2003
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Alan & Me
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Lyonesse Lodge on tour 2003

ABall.jpg (71910 bytes)  
This was the last picture ever taken of Alan.

The 'Lyonesse' Lodge was founded on November 2nd 1973 in the Scillonian Club, St. Marys, where it has remained ever since. The lodge meets on Friday evenings at and is frequented by 9 or 10 regular members.

Mainland visit 1985/86 when I was living up in London. I drove down for the w/end and joined up with them in Falmouth. Some of you may recognize Mike Pearce in the background

Through the 70's & early 80's when membership was as high as around 40 members, fund raising was at it's peak and through fetes, dances & marathons, much needed cash was raised which paid for advanced radio equipment for the R.N.L. 'Guy & Clare Hunter', a special stretcher for the Medical launch 'Santa Warner', various equipment for the hospital, a battery operated invalid chair for 'Park House', over 1250 for the purchase & training of a guide dog for the blind, as well as 1,700 towards a second, camping equipment for the local 'Guides', football 'strips' for the school and we've managed to help a number of individuals in times of difficulty or need. Due to dwindling  attendances, we can no longer take on ambitious projects, but we do still help a number of people throughout the year. Not many people realize that the annual marathon held on St. Marys during the early 80's was the brainchild and was organized by the brothers of the 'Lyonesse Lodge'. 

Mainland Visit 1985/86

Mainland 1985/86

Each week we put a little aside which enables us to make an annual pilgrimage to lodges on the Mainland. This year we had a great time with the brothers of the 'Penlee', the 'First & Last' and the 'St Eia' lodges in Penzance & St. Ives. The latter intends returning the visit in September.  

If anyone feels like they would like to know more about the 'Buffs' please feel free to contact any member of the lodge. If there are any existing members out there who don't attend any longer, you will always be assured of a warm welcome back.

Lyonesse Lodge 9926

Cheque for 1,700