These photos were sent to me by Marie Chiverton. She and I were raised on Mawer's farm at Porthlow. Her dad, 'Curly' and my dad, 'Tony' used to do all the work on the farm and the only other people who ever worked there at any time that I can remember, apart from my mum 'Melba' and Marie's mum 'Joyce', was Rosemary Sherris. Us kids just used to play around and I still have many happy memories of my childhood on the farm. My favourite time was the hay making season.


ChristineStock.jpg (57038 bytes)
Christine Stock
jack&Marie.jpg (42243 bytes)
Jack Pender with Marie
JoyceChina.jpg (49672 bytes) Joyce MrsMaddern.jpg (57626 bytes)
Mrs Beatie Maddern. 
Those of my age will remember her living in the 'Alley' in Parson's Field.
MrsBandy.jpg (54054 bytes)
The only photo I've seen of Mrs Bandy, seen here with Jaquie Bennett during a school trip to Switzerland in 1960
Sheena.jpg (116008 bytes)
Carnival Queen
070905.jpg (162669 bytes) CarnivalQueen.jpg (102411 bytes)
Carnival Queen
MaDen.jpg (46379 bytes)
Marie with Denise Burke in the 1964
Mafamily.jpg (87000 bytes)
Mrs. Legg's Party 1951
The woman sitting, 2nd from Left in the front row I think is Mrs Billy Hicks, The dark haired woman at the back is Mrs Billy Legg, the dark haired one in front is Joyce, with Marie and Martin Legg to her left.
MaJa.jpg (23667 bytes)
Marie with Jaquie Bennett 1950's
MaMaLynn.jpg (83228 bytes)
Lynn Thomas, Mary Ash & Marie next to Fred's bus when it was in it's original colours. (John Thomas in car) 1991/92
cowshow.jpg (91374 bytes)
Curly Chiverton (2nd from L) at a cow show. (Place unknown)
Mawer's Cow Shed, Porthlow
Jack Bennett, Curly and Cedrick Trezise. Photo taken late 40's outside Mawer's cowhouse.
Hedge Trimming
Curly on top of the hedge trimming platform with my dad driving the 'Ransom tractor'.
marie4.jpg (34319 bytes)
Curly, Marie & her mum, 'Joyce'. Approx 1950/51
Marie1.jpg (99137 bytes)
Reggie Nicholls, Marie, Goergie Nicholls and Terry Bennett on Mayday.
Marie2.jpg (42683 bytes)
Judith Searle, Wendy Pearce, Nigel Sylvester, Marie, Andrew Brown, Martin Legg behind, Stephen Brown and Joy Ashford.
marie3.jpg (33096 bytes)
Marie on Ransom. (I used to drive this around too).
MarieRita.jpg (58769 bytes)
Rita Ellis, May Pender & Marie.
mariewedding.jpg (124026 bytes)
Heather Palmer, Marie on her daughter's wedding day and Jaquie Bennett.


Jaquie,Denise & Marie
Jaquie Bennett, Denise Burke & Marie in the 'Humphrey Davey'. (She didn't know I had this')


Joyce, when she was still a Pender in1945
A young & gorgeous Joyce Chiverton
Chiverton family outside No.4 Porthlow Tce.1957
Curly holding Marion, Joyce holding Marie.
Wedding Day 1947
L to R = Hazel Pender (who married Bob Harding).  - May Pender - Jack Pender - Joyce Pender - Curly Chiverton - Jack Hodgekiss - Irene Jenkins - Phyllis Pender 

L to R back row: Ben Badcock - Bobby Ash - Raymond Ashford - Tony Stock - Austin Pender - Bill Cameron - Harry Fallowfield - ? - Bert Ball - ? - Joe Hicks - ? - Jack Pender - Bennie Badcock - John Thomas.

L to R back row: Ben Badcock - Bobby Ash - Raymond Ashford - Tony Stock - Austin Pender - Bill Cameron - Harry Fallowfield - ? - Bert Ball - ? - Joe Hicks - ? - Jack Pender - Bennie Badcock - John Thomas.
front row: Bill Pender - Albert Evans - Skipper Williams - Johnny James - Keith Riches.

Miss Bandy's class during rehearsals for the 'Christmas play' about 1959/60. During which Susan Cameron came running out from behind the curtains shouting, "Reggie Thomas broke my wand!" I remember it like it was yesterday.
Heather Palmer, Susan Cameron, Marie Chiverton, Marins Guy, Mary Knox & Susan Hall.
Silver Jubilee Party 1977
Marie's children, Jackie, Steve & Phillip with Chris & Paul Guy, Andrew & Angela Ashford.
Rita Ellis, Heather Palmer, Patrina Pender & Jaquie Bennett May Day 1962
Rita, Heather, Patrina & Jaquie
Pasty eating & Beer drinking contest in the Park during the 50's. The contest was won by Jack Pender.
Pasty eating contest in the Park during the 50's
Marie's great, great, great uncle, Israel Pender the roadsweeper in the 30's.
Israel Pender and his dustcart.
Gran 'May Pender' with Marie's children at Old Town 1980
May & Kids
Jackie's wedding 2004
Marie's children. Phillipa, Jackie & Stephen at Jackie's wedding 2004.


Reggie.jpg (31316 bytes)
Reggie Thomas with Michael Hall on quay trolley.


Billy Legg, Jack Pender and a young Martin Legg
Billy & Martin Legg with Jack Pender at rear.


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pam2.jpg (61013 bytes)
Pam Bennett
store.jpg (64728 bytes)
Debbie Bennett
shed.jpg (57541 bytes)
Debbie & Pam at work in the packing shed.