Rogues Gallery.

From years gone by.

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Benny Badcock

Dave Badcock

Lou Hitchens

Gee Hicks

Lloyd Hicks

Frank Thompson

Jeff Thompson

Jim Lethbridge

Richard & Lou.

Mike Hicks

Bill Trewella

Grp.Capt. Burling

Waldron & Joe Phillips.

Willie Hall

Paddy Daly

Betty Sylvester

Vic Trenwith

Richard Lethbridge in costume

Ken Phillips & Vic Trenwith

Doris Guy and Mrs Pearce.

Jill Nightingale - Valerie Guy - Barbara Guy.

Wilfred Tonkin

Matt Lethbridge Snr - Janie Slaughter - Italian survivor from 'Isabo' - Can't remember the other lady's name.

The picture on the left was taken some time in the late 60's, early 70's when the tall chap in the centre came back to Scilly to meet up with the people who helped save his life in the aftermath of the wreck of the 'Isabo'.

Wreck of the Isabo

Alfie May

    Richard & Lou
L to R = 1) Dick Henry. 2) = Frank Thompson and Frank Pender. 3) = Vernon Hicks, Guthrie Pender, Dave Badcock in the kiosk and Lou Hitchens. 4 = Richard & Lou on the Golden Spray.

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