'Shanty Singers' go to Tresco.

The new singing group, the 'Shanty Singers' were asked to go up to Tresco during the Annual beer festival and keep the troops entertained while the 'Blueberries' were taking their breaks. Half a dozen of the original choir who later became known as 'Mebyon Syllan' accompanied them on their epic voyage of discovery. It turned out to be a great day and a lot of fun was had by all. The singing was appreciated by nearly everyone and resulted in another invitation to sing at 'Juliet's garden' on St Marys.

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Last Trip for summer.

On Sunday 8th October, Paul Hicks decided to put on one last trip before pulling his boat up for the winter. Eager as ever, we mustered on the quay on a cool, blustery day, with worse weather forecasted. The trip up was pleasant enough, but due to the extremely low tide and a freighter blocking Tresco quay, a novel way of getting everyone ashore was called for. With the help of a local punt and an empty milk crate, the operation was carried out with the efficiency expected of  4 professional and 2 ex-professional boatmen. 

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After a pleasant afternoon in the 'New Inn' we had to brave the worsened conditions to get back to St Marys. The tide was one of the highest for the year and the wind was fresh from the South West. I made sure I was on the first punt with the skipper Paul, as it was his son, Mark who was steering the boat and I knew he wouldn't want to get 'Dad' wet. It turned out to be a good move because on the second trip out to us, Mark's devilish nature took over and you can see the results in the photos below.

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