My Great, great Grandfather, 'Dick Phillips'.

With his son Wilfred, (Reggie's father) in the background.

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above: The picture was taken from a newspaper, probably the 'Cornishman' dated February 1940.

Gramferdickandme.jpg (82745 bytes)
above: Gramfer Dick with me on his lap. Apparently he had a 'saying', "The happiest day of my life will be, when I hold my Great, great Grandson on my knee." This picture was taken when I was about 6 months old.

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above: My great Grandmother, Janie Slaughter (nee Phillips) with my Grandmother Belle Hayward (nee Maddern).

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above: My Mum, Melba (nee Jenkins) Lucas picking flowers at Bob Davison's farm in 1946. (The year before I was born)


Janie and Wilfred were brother & sister. Janie married Dick Maddern and had a daughter, Belle. Janie later married Sam Slaughter who I remember as my Great Grand'ad. Belle married John Clare Jenkins and had a daughter, Melba, best known as Melba Lucas. Belle later married Bill Hayward and that's how she's best remembered. Wilfred married 'Alice' and had a son, Reggie. Wilfred later married Norah Harvey who had 3 children, Susan, Billie & Tommy. Melba married Frank (Tony) Lucas and had 3 children, Glynne, Yvette & Bonnie. And that's how the Phillips's, Harvey's, Lucas's and Jenkins's are all related.

I'll try to add to this page if I can get more info. from 'Uncle' Reggie.

Gramfer Dick And Aunt Annie as I remember them.

Gramfer Dick & Aunt Annie outside Rose Cottage.

Gramfer Dick Portrait.

Reggie Phillips on his motor bike 1950's

Reggie Phillips Portrait.