My Great, great Grandfather, 'Dick Phillips'.

With his son Wilfred, (Reggie's father) in the background.

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above: The picture was taken from a newspaper, probably the 'Cornishman' dated February 1940.

Gramferdickandme.jpg (82745 bytes)
above: Gramfer Dick with me on his lap. Apparently he had a 'saying', "The happiest day of my life will be, when I hold my Great, great Grandson on my knee." This picture was taken when I was about 6 months old.

Annie Phillips in her garden
Annie Phillips in her garden at Old Town.



This photo was taken at Maypole Farm where many of the Pender family were born and lived.
l-r back row. Dorothy Pender. Tommy Barrett. Wilfred Boase. Rene Hicks. Jack Pender. Jane Barnes. Ernie Barnes. Fred Pender. Laurel Hicks nee Pender. Dick Phillips.
front row l-r. Mary Barrett nee Pender. Annie Phillips. Elizabeth Barnes nee Pender. Maddie Barnes. June Pender.

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above: My great Grandmother, Janie Slaughter (nee Phillips) with my Grandmother Belle Hayward (nee Maddern).

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above: My Mum, Melba (nee Jenkins) Lucas picking flowers at Bob Davison's farm in 1946. (The year before I was born)


Janie and Wilfred were brother & sister. Janie married Dick Maddern and had a daughter, Belle. Janie later married Sam Slaughter who I remember as my Great Grand'ad. Belle married John Clare Jenkins and had a daughter, Melba, best known as Melba Lucas. Belle later married Bill Hayward and that's how she's best remembered. Wilfred married 'Alice' and had a son, Reggie. Wilfred later married Norah Harvey who had 3 children, Susan, Billie & Tommy. Melba married Frank (Tony) Lucas and had 3 children, Glynne, Yvette & Bonnie. And that's how the Phillips's, Harvey's, Lucas's and Jenkins's are all related.

I'll try to add to this page if I can get more info. from 'Uncle' Reggie.


Dick & Annie Phillips
Richard (Gramfer Dick) Phillips

Dick & Annie Phillips outside Rose Cottage

Reggie Phillips on his motorbike in the 50's

Cousin Reggie Phillips.