St Martins kids.

Photo probably taken around 1930/31

Thanks to Gladys Perkins & Norman Christopher for their help in dating the photo and naming the faces.

Back row L to R = ? - ? -? - Betty Stevens - George Symons - Jacky Kessell.
2nd row L to R = Sydney Woodcock - Phyllis Goddard - Pat Stevens - ? - Ronald Symons - Nancy Stevens - Hilda Symons
3rd Row L to R = Roy Stevens - Alan Goddard - Ralph Stevens - Roland Goddard - Vernon Osborne - Francis Goddard
Boy with dog = Peter Stevens

Although I don't know who's who, some other names to come up which were youngsters on St Martins at that time and may be in this picture were:

Stevens family =   Jack, Peter, Pat, Betty, Nancy, Roy & Ralph
Goddard family =   Lawrence, Phyllis & Jessie.
Symons family = Ronald, Hilda & George.
                        Nancy Kessell, Norman & Percy Christopher, Lucy Bond,